About Geometry Dash: [ Game Features ] Geometry Dash Levels

About Geometry Dash is a series of music-themed five video games developed by Sweden-based Robert Topala and published by his company, RobTop Games. The games initially developed for computers were later refined to mobile games and taken to App Store and Google Play.

Geometry Dash currently has 21 official levels. Each of these official levels feature unique background music.

While listening to exciting soundtracks a long the way, the player tries to navigate through a series of challenging and interactive obstacles, behavior-manipulating portals and movement-shifting transporters to reach level-end without crashing.
For the newbies, the frustrating part of the game may come with small slip-ups that sends you back to the beginning of the level.

About Geometry Dash

About Geometry Dash: [ Game Features ] Geometry Dash Levels

The main Geometry Dash series includes the following games:

  • Geometry Dash Lite
  • Geometry Dash Meltdown
  • Geometry dash World
  • Geometry Dash SubZero

Game Features

The significant features that has seen the game players reaching millions of online levels are not limited to:

  • Hundreds of high-quality user generated levels
  • Rhythm-based action platforming
  • Many official levels, each with unique soundtracks
  • With the editor level, you can build and share your own levels
  • Players can unlock several new icons and colors to customize their characters
  • The practice mode to sharpen skills of newbies and learn the layout of levels
  • The game has a lot of achievements and rewards
  • Players fly rockets, flip gravity amidst much more funs
  • Player level downloads

Game play

The main intent of Geometry Dash is moving an icon (a square character) through an obstacle-laden path by tapping the screen to make it jump and holding the screen to make it leap up or down stair-like ramps. Your square, at mid-level, will transform into a rocket that you will be flying through a cave, avoiding obstacles by flying higher or lower. Mistiming and hitting an obstacle results in you restarting the level.

Playing Geometry Dash may employ the use of the mouse, arrow keys or cursor movement keys (WASD). The game provides for the options of playing full-screen mode, pausing, resuming, restarting and turning the sound on/off.

The icons, which behave differently with each interaction, may take up to seven distinct forms. The mode of the icon is changeable with seven game-mode portals and the behavior of these modes can be further changed with manipulation portals.

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Manipulation portals serve the following purposes:

  • Mirror Portals – reverse the game view
  • Size Portals – Change the size of the icon
  • Dual Portals – duplicate the icon
  • Gravity Portal – reverse the field’s gravity
  • Speed Arrow Sets – change the speed of the icon

Geometry Dash Levels

  • Main Levels

Geometry Dash has 21 official or main levels, seven of which are playable from the start. Amongst several other rewards, each official level completed has three secret coins that are subsequently used to unlock three demon levels that range wildly in difficulty.

  • Custom Levels

Purchase of the full version is required to access the custom levels. Notable features that can be used at custom level include rings, jump pads, blocks, spikes and user coins.

Geometry Dash may be both an addictive action platformer and an exercise in frustration – owing to its addictive and frustrating nature. Utilization of the game’s practice mode and listening to the musical hints makes it possible to learn the patterns, thus easing the possible frustrations.

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