Geometry Dash Fingerdash Apk Free Download [Full Version]

Geometry Dash Fingerdash: Enjoy the Geometry Dash Fingerdash as it is available in customized and official versions. The game Geometry Dash 2.1 is its 11th official version, was initially released by RobTop Games as on 16th January 2017 for steam after that it is released for Android and IOS.

This version of Geometry Dash includes new level called Fingerdash. So it is known as Geometry Dash Fingerdash. As it is a new level there are many updates included in the version 2.1 Sneek Peek.

Geometry Dash is an arcade game which is developed and published to a different market by Rob Top games. The Geometry dash first published on 13th August 2013 steam for 2 dollars. And after that the game got popular, it forced the developers to create the same for Android and iOS.

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Geometry Dash Fingerdash Apk Free Download

Geometry Dash Fingerdash Apk Free Download

As on 22nd December 2014, the developers released the same game for Android and iOS so the people can enjoy it from their mobile phone itself with a price of 4 dollars. Playing Geometry Dash is very simple, the players will be provided with a UFO through which you can operate by the touching and swiping in different directions.

While playing the game the player has to face many obstacles and the player has to reach the end of the level without causing any damage to the vehicle provided. There is also wormhole like doorways all along the way using which you can skip from one position to another.

As the higher level of the game become tougher and you will get the exclusive bonus all along. There are millions of the customized levels available online which have been made by the players of Geometry Dash Community and 21 official levels released by the developers.

Every level of Fingerdash has different background music, background location and level of difficulty. Playing Geometry dash on your favorite device will kill your boredom. You can play the game online anytime you want to play.


The Geometry dash 2.1 finger dash game cannot be downloaded through the play store due to some reasons. Don’t panic! You can download it from its official website i.e.

There are a lot of fake apps are available with the same name and logo, so be safe and secure, download the application only through official website which is safe and tested by beta users and testers.

Geometry Dash Fingerdash Apk Free Download

Geometry Dash Fingerdash

1. Visit the official website given above and save it on your Android phone.

2. Go to the Security Setting under the heading Security and enable the Unknown sources option.

3. Open the option download APK and Click on Install to start the installation process.

4. Wait until the message Installation Successful displays on the screen.

5. After the completion of installation, you will find Geometry Dash ready to play on your app gallery.

Geometry Dash Fingerdash

How to Download Geometry Dash Fingerdash on Android?

1. To install Fingerdash on your Android you require installing Geometry Dash Version 2.1 APK successfully on your phone. The steps to download are given below.

2. Download the latest APK file for Geometry Dash on your favorite Android phone.

3. Keep the directory where the file is stored in your diary for later use.

4. Now enable the option of Installation of Apps from unknown sources or Known Sources through your phone.

5. To enable the option, open the android settings, followed by selecting Security Setting and in the selection panel select the option of enabling the option of unknown sources.

6. Open the APK file of Geometry dash and download on your phone and follow the steps that will be displayed on screen afterward to install the app successfully.

7. Wait for few minutes, your phone will display the message Installation Successful.

8. As the above step completed, the app would be ready to be used by you on your device either via home screen or through app gallery.

Features of Geometry Dash 2.1

How to Download Geometry Dash Fingerdash on Android?

The Geometry Dash 2.1 can be customized in a lot of ways to any extent by with the use of some tools. Therefore you can find different versions of this game on the web. The famous version of this game is Finger Dash version.

Extra Tools and Objects
Various tools and objects you will find in this version of Geometry Dash. You will get exclusive access to the spider game mode, it is an awesome experience. Fly rockets, Flip gravity and much more options are added in this game.

Smooth Experience
The lots of bugs on the previous version of Geometry Dash 2.0 are fixed. Now you will get a smoother experience in playing this game.

A Wise Game
The hacks and cheats and MOD version rankers are not found in this game. In the presence of such things, these will lead to a direct ban from an online game server. So play it wisely!

Various Features
New Vaults, Jumps, Shops and many other features are upgraded in this version of the game. Shops have many new items to purchase, different types of jumps added to this game. The vault contains new items to check out. Add new icons and colors to customize your character.

The daily levels and rewards for game players, the new addition of leaderboard which makes the game more addictive to the game. The reward features multiply 10 times for more and more rewards.

Editorial options
More editorial options help for better customization, you can customize more as per your greed. It makes the Geometry Dash for interesting as this version evolved. You can make the tough levels for yourself as you like to play.

Other features
It has an additional new level called as Fingerdash. Many New GamePlay objects with additional Spider Game Mode. You can practice mode to improve your skills.

Download Geometry Dash Fingerdash

Specifications of Geometry Dash 2.1

  • Type of the File – APK
  • Version of the game – Geometry Dash Version 2.1-FingerDash
  • Size of the – 60MB
  • Requirement – Android Version 4.0 and above

The minimum system requirement to download Geometry Dash Fingerdash
CPU Info
Speed of CPU – 2.0+GHz
RAM – 512 MB
OS – Windows XP
Video Card – OpenGL 2.0 support
Free Disk Space – 100 MB

Download Geometry Dash Fingerdash

Geometry Dash 2.1 Fingerdash is an awesome game. Download it today, and start this game playing right now. We bet you never regret your choice. Get ready to get lost in the world of adventure and Ultra HD levels.

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Remember to share Geometry Dash APK with your family and friends if you like it. Create and share new levels with your loved ones. That’s all about the Geometry Dash Fingerdash.

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