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By | September 16, 2017

Meltdown is controlled a square hero who is speeding through the dangerous levels. In this game, you have to avoid the traps and overcome the obstacles. It improves your reaction speed in this adventurous game for Android.

Tap the screen to jump, barriers, cross the walls and other barriers on the way. Here you have to jump from platform to platform. Remember to avoid spikes, fire torches, death traps and saws. Use rockets and other bonuses that help you to complete the levels.

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown is released on 19th December 2015 for iOS and Android. It is developed and published by the Rob top Games. It is a popular game among the thousands of the gamers around the world. The best thing about this game is you can play it free of cost.

Three levels of Geometry Dash Meltdown

Level 1
This level is called Seven Seas level, it is an easy level of Meltdown. This level has got 1 star and music composer if F-777. This level introduces the cube form with the sequence involving spikes and blocks with simple jumping patterns.

1. The first secret coin in this level is located at 22% and you can collect it as a cube.
2. The second secret coin is available at 37% in the form of a ship. After passing over a pit of monsters, fly up through the way within a ceiling hurdles to collect the coin.
3. To get the third secret coin you have to reach 80% and it will available as the cube.

You will get additional cube once you collect the three secret coins.

Note: The Seven Seas takes 1 minute and 36 seconds to finish and requires a minimum of 82 jumps.

Level 2
This is Viking Arena and called the normal level of Meltdown. The level got 2 stars and composer of this level is F-777. This level introduces the yellow jump pad in the ways of both functions and leads to more jump tricks. Obstacles move concurrently with player movement.

1. The first secret coin is located at 44% and collected in the form of a ship. A key must be collected at 8% as a cube. It is invisible but identifiable by a midair twinkle that must be jumped towards.
2. The second secret coin is located at 55% and collected as a cube. After hitting the jump pad jump once and slide down to a concealed platform to get the coin and hit another jump pad to return to the main route.
3. Get the third secret coin at 72% and collect the coin as a ship. After following arrows indicating to fly upwards, instead fly downwards to get the coin below a moving platform.

Getting all three secret coins will reward an additional cube.
Note: This level takes 1 minute and 23 seconds to finish and needs a minimum of 49 jumps.

Level 3
Airborne Robots is the third level of this game and called as hard level. This level got 3 starts and music composer is F-777.
1. Get the first secret coin is at 25% and collect it as the cube. A key is required to be collected at 16% as a cube.
2. Get the second coin at 67% and collect it as a ship. After finishing the two obstacles fly down through a passage in the third obstacle in order to collect the coin
3. The third secret coin is at 98% and collected and available as a cube. After hitting a jump ring, immediately hit an invisible hit an invisible jump ring marked by an appearing skull to land atop an overhead platform enabling a jump for the coin.

Collecting of all three coins will offer an additional cube.

Note: This level takes 1 minute and 37 seconds and requires a minimum 112 jumps.

As per the Robert Topala the developer of this game stated that he has launched the three levels of this game. But he would launch the five levels of this game. There will be two more level he also asked the players are they prepared for this challenge.

Features of Geometry Dash Meltdown
1. The games have simple graphics.
2. The music of the game gives energy while playing.
3. It has simple controls
4. The player can earn various bonuses by playing this game.
5. This game has three levels easy, normal and hard.
6. Fly rockets, flip gravity have fun with this game.
7. Challenge yourself with next to impossible.
8. Rhythm-based playing game.
9. Sharpen your skills via using practice mode.
10. Unlock the unique icons of meltdown and colors to customize your character.

How to download Geometry Dash Meltdown for PC/Mac
1. First of all download BlueStacks App player for your system.
2. After the successful downloading of BlueStacks app, open it to start with the installation process.
3. Browse via first two steps and click on Next to go ahead for the third step of the installation.
4. While reaching the final step click the install option to start off the install process and click Finish anytime it is done. At last click on the Install to start out the actual installation process and then you can click Finish to complete the installation.
5. Now you can open it either from windows start menu or from desktop shortcut open up Bluestacks App Player.
6. Before installing the Geometry Dash Meltdown for PC, you must connect BlueStacks app Player with a Google account.
7. Now you should be sent to google plays tore page here you can search for Geometry Dash Meltdown app by using the search bar and then install Geometry Dash Meltdown for PC.

Tips to play Geometry Dash Meltdown

Mute the soundtracks
The soundtracks of the game are amazing! But it’s good to mute the soundtrack and concentrate on playing the game. As the sound tracks don’t match with soundtrack completely. At times you can be bouncing along to the beat of the music and then the next second you’re bouncing completely out of view.

Take breaks
Regular play can be frustrating and tiring, take the rest and return to the game. This way you can clear frame of mind and better ability to concentrate on the levels.

Use practice Mode
The practice mode of this game allows you to play the same level of your choice. This helps you to mark those tricky parts of a level. The practice mode allows you to unlock some customization options.

Go for coins
Giant-sized coins scattered around all the levels in Geometry Dash Meltdown. You must chase after them if the opportunity seems fine, but don’t go after them if they are far from you. Remember where you see them, so that way you can collect them when you replay levels.

Go for the Boosters
The game gives you a chance to gather boosters, and these include springers to allow your cube to fly higher in the air. And the sparkles improves your above-ground bouncing capabilities.

Focus on Rocket Segments
Climbing onto a rocket and fly it avoiding obstacles after the platformer part of the level. Holding down on display helps you to thrust upward, releasing it helps you to come back down. Flying the rocket, the best way would be to keep in the center of your screen.

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