How To Unlock All Icons in Geometry Dash Game? [Step by Step Guide]

How To Unlock All Icons in Geometry Dash Game?: The icon kit feature allows you to change your appearance in Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash world and Geometry Dash Meltdown. You can select series of the icons for each form as well as corresponding primary and secondary colors.

Although these are applied to all forms and can’t be selected individually. You can select the trial and death version individually, none of these physical effects gameplay. The customization options can be unlocked by completing achievements.

Customization is one of the best Geometry dash feature. There are more than 100 icons exist for users to customize their apparel. In this article, I am going to mention the best icons of Geometry Dash.

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How To Unlock All Icons in Geometry Dash Game

How To Unlock All Icons in Geometry Dash Game

Random Shop Icon

You can get this icon by buying it from the shop for 1000 mana orbs. This icon looks like that it had some effort put into it. But it must have been hard for Robtop to add in the curved smile and shadow under the eyes.

Get that for you

You need 60 coins to get this icon, it is a great trophy for you once you reach 60 use coin milestone. It was one of the Robtop’s first attempt at putting a tongue on an icon and give it a great look. The shading of the mouth makes it’s awesome.

Geometry Dash world Icons Download

Found under the rock

This icon is a unique icon for its time, the center of the cube connects to other parts of the cube. The complicated design of the icon makes the icon looks effortful. You can also imagine the triangular parts of the icon which is difficult to edit for Robtop.

Get to the front

You can get this icon by getting 60 user coins icon so it is not liked by the people. This icon has circular eyes, ears and small curvy mouth. This icon is more complex than most Geometry dash icons due to its circular and triangular shapes. The best color for this icon seems to be Light cyan.

How To Unlock All Icons in Geometry Dash Game?

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Tax collector

You need 95 secret coins to get this icon, as this icon is one of the most futuristic looking icons of this game. It looks like something straight out of an Etzer texture pack in which the most icons look futuristic. The circle in the middle of this icon looks great, the only challenge in making the circle that is its shape. It seems that Robtop has special shape tools when designed this icon.

Geometry Dash Lite Icons Download

Random Chest Icon

This icon looks different from other icons as it has arms and legs. Other than robots, there isn’t really anything in Geometry dash with arms and legs. The smile is made in a slightly different way and the shadow under the eyes is not long. Having the legs make this icon unique and this icon also comes with a stomach.

Where do I even put this?

To get this coin you require 110 secret coins is so simple and amazing. Half of the icon is our primary and half is your secondary color. This icon gives some complicated eyes with black.

Geometry Dash Meltdown Icons Download

Demon Master

You will get this icon you get for completing 4 demons it is an extremely complex in design. This icon looks amazing and it is also available at a cheap price. How To Unlock All Icons in Geometry Dash Game

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