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RobTop Games are created by Robert Topala a Sweden-based developer. Robert is also involved in making music, coding programs and animations. Although Robert is graduated from Civil engineering stream his initial interest towards the gaming and art encouraged him to get into designing games. RobTop games have won various awards with just a few games online.

The first game released by Robert was Boomlings for IOS platform, which is developed with Cocos-2D iPhone framework Boomlings later he was honored for the Sweden’s Best Mobile Games of the year 2012.

Topala credit the players following of Geometry Dash as having helped the game grow and evolve through their support and feedback. The features like editing and sharing enabled the players with many creative opportunities. With each and every play of the game contribute towards the spreading word of a game.

RobTop Games – Geometry Dash

RobTop Games
Future of Games?

The trends of games in an ongoing process, mobile and smart devices have given a new platform to the developers to get into the game. The Robert Topala hopes that indie will always be a source of new and fresh ideas.

Games Developed by RobTop

It is an engaging puzzle game with funny characters of the game. This is a completely hand-drawn 2D animation, excellent gameplay levels, online leaderboards etc. Take a normal jewel matching games to the next level and be ready for a unique puzzle matching experience which you have never seen before.

The game is an addictive puzzle game with silly characters. Here you can collect the coins, Icons, Powerups, Experience and achievements and show them off on the online Leaderboards. Fight to the top and challenge your intelligent mind to do the best of the best!

Features of Boomlings

1.It is a simple game to learn but remember it’s hard to master.
2.The progressive difficulty with challenges will keep the experts of games on their toes.
3.Explode your way via different levels Ice Bombs, Pipes, Bandits, and Skulls etc.
4.Here you can earn gold coins and use them to buy Powerups like Boom, Blob Mastery and Time Freeze.
5.Get experience and see your Boomling grow as your level up!
6.Face the challenge with over 60 achievements and get reward icons!
7.Complete online with your friends and family and show your skills.
8.It has integrated Facebook leaderboards and sharing!

Boomling MatchUp
It is an extended and updated version with 200 Levels. After keeping in the mind interest in the Boomling game the RobTop decided to launch a version to keep up with the expectation of the players who love it.

Memory Mastermind
This game is perfect for the people who love photography. It helps to boost the photographic skills, keeps their memory strong and makes their processing speeds of an image capturing. Moreover, it helps them to keep different patterns fresh in their minds all the time.

Features of Memory Mastermind
1.It helps to improve photographic skills of the players.
2.Trained and enhance your memory, processing speed and problem solving intense puzzle experience.
3.Boost your skills to the limit as your progress increases via facing difficulty levels.
4.If you dare challenge yourself in the Challenge Mode.
5.Get lots of achievements!

Geometry Dash

Tap, Jump, Fly and flip with this game. People often compare with Flappy Bird, but it is 100 times better than a flappy bird. You never feel bored in your long journeys, play it online or download it.

You can download the app on your Android device or you can install the latest Geometry Dash APK file.

Features of the Geometry Dash

1.It is easily accessible game for which you don’t need to download the game separately to start this game.
2.The graphics of the Geometry Dash is one of the most highlighted features. The graphics add an extra value to this game.
3.Are you able to clear all the levels in this game? In this game, the each level of difficulty goes up and makes the game interesting.
4.Geometry Dash is available free to cost, but if you want to get some extra power you have to purchase the app.
5.The game can be played online and don’t require any RAM. It’s possible through its optimized coding.
6.Geometry Dash developers keep up the regular updates by releasing the new updates so that people don’t feel bored.
7.Enjoy flying rockets, gravity, flipping etc.
8.Using practice mode you can sharpen your skill to play this game.
9.All the characters are customizable with new colors and icons.
10.This game is like a weapon training course in any FPS game. You will get all twists once you are confident, jump into the war in full fledge.

Geometry Dash Meltdown

It is a 2D game in which you have to try to beat different levels that are filled with obstacles. It’s an adventure filled with more spikes and monsters than though possible. In this game, you have to control a square her who are speeding through dangerous levels. Here you have to avoid traps and overcome obstacles to improve your reaction speed in the exciting game for Android.

There are three different levels are available in this game, all locked in the beginning. It might not look like much, but actually, the difficulty level makes them more enough. You need a lot of time to beat every level.

Features of the game
1.It’s a rhythm-based action platform.
2.There are three unique levels with music from f-777.
3.Unlock the unique Meldown colors and icon to customize your character.
4.Fly rockets, flip gravity etc.
5.Do practice through the practice mode to brighten your skills.
6.You can challenge yourself with the near impossible.

Geometry Dash World

Thousands of the players around the world play this game without paying any amount. This game is simple to download and you can download it through “download free Geometry Dash World APK”.

You can control the moves of a funny character rushing across dark caves and other locations full many obstacles. Determine legerity of your fingers and excellent reflexes during a crazy dash across the levels of this game. Tap the screen in the right moment to make the character jump over gaps, avoid sharp thorns, jump into platforms and deadly traps. You need to change the gravity directions to avoid the risks. Take bonus and rewards. Unlock the new characters and change their look.

Features of Geometry Dash World
1.The game has bright neon graphics
2.Excellent music for player
3.Controls are handy
4.It contains the attractive tasks
5.It has high score

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