Vault of Secret for Geometry Dash World [ Updated 2018 ]

Vault of secret for Geometry Dash world: Geometry Dash is full of a large number of features which a user can enjoy. The Vault secret is introduced in update 2.0. You can find this feature through the setting menu from a padlock in the upper right corner. You need 10 user coins to gain access.

Being a Fan of Geometry Dash you must want to unlock the vault of secret. The vault contains a text field and an angry padlock button below it.

As you unlock the Vault of Secrets, you will be presented with a variety of different clues. If you correctly type the codes or answers, you will unlock various secret achievements.

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Vault of Secret for Geometry Dash World

Vault of Secret for Geometry Dash World

Here I have listed some titles of the achievements, along with the code word and the cheats needed to unlock those achievements.

1. Ultimate Energy
2. Uber-hacker
3. Cold As Ice
4. Sneaky Sneak
5. I Can Count
6. Can’t be Fooled
7. Paint Bucket
8. Burnt Chicken
9. Wants to hear a secret?

Steps to enter the Vaults of Secrets in Geometry Dash World.

1. Visit the home screen of the Geometry Dash.
2. Go to the tools menu
3. You will see a lock in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
4. Tap the lock
5. The key master will appear and tell you if you can pass it or not. You need to unlock the Treasure Room with the demon keys.

Vault of Secret for Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash Game Update 2.0

The update 2.0 of Geometry Dash is the 10th update to Geometry Dash. This update has come with two new levels

  1. Geometrical Dominator
  2. Deadlocked.

1. Geometrical Dominator

It is the nineteenth level of the Geometry Dash as well as fifteenth level with harder difficulty. Make the lower and high jumps by tapping and holding down. Dominator level introduces the alpha trigger, the move trigger, the pulse trigger, the toggle trigger, monsters, animated thorns, water, flowers and bushes, in-game text and various new decorations.

How to get the Secret Coins in Geometrical Dominator?

Steps to enter the Vaults of Secrets in Geometry Dash World.

The First Secret Coin

You will get the first secret coin at 17% and collected as the robot. To get that coin, you must drop past the yellow jump ring onto a small platform where they must boost the robtop up.

Next, to a small one block wide area, the coin is hidden. You will then fly up into the sky also hit a gravity pad before putting back onto the normal path that is used to progress.

The Second Secret Coin

At 47% you will get the second secret coin and collect this coin as a robot. Here you jump onto a rainbow-colored block sticking out of the large platform below which are colored blue and purple. Jump to collect the secret coins stay away from falling down and land back to your normal route.

The Third Secret Coin

Get the third secret coin at 92% and collect it as a ship. Here you see a moving pillar with two opening in it. Carefully handle the ship into the lower passage, get the coins and continue normally.

2. Deadlock

Deadlock is the 20th level of Geometry Dash and the third level with Demon difficulty. You need 30 coins to unlock the level. This level introduces new map components such as green jump ring that changes the gravity with additional momentum.

The teleportation portals which help you to another location from a linked portal along the Y-axis, and keys serve as a visual guide for touch-triggered triggers, whereas green inverted- square triggers were used in Geometrical Dominator.

By using the triggers to create “laser shooting monsters” that looks like normal-sized UFO segment at 64%.

Geometry Dash Game Update 2.0

How to get the secret coin in Deadlock?

The First Secret Coin

To get the first secret coin you need a key before it can be acquired. In the first sequence, a key is placed with high up above them, moving hurdles at 19%.

Once successfully retrieved, it opens the area later in the level, in a cube sequence that helps you to grab the coin at 43%. In case you fail to retrieve the key will keep your passage block and you have to take the normal route.

The Second Secret Coin

This coin appears at 52% during the second robot sequence. There will be a two-block-wide pillar sticking out from the ground. Here you don’t need to jump from the top of the pillar, you must drop down and jump shortly after to collect the coin. To take the normal path you need to jump on the top of an invisible block.

The Third Secret Coin
The final secret coin will be at 66% during the second UFO sequence when there are monsters shooting lasers at the player. Before the first laser is fired, try to get closer to the top.

How to get the secret coin in Deadlock?

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Here you will see a spinning blade, tap twice quickly, wait for a second and tap again and get the coin will be acquired. If you get all the 3 coins, the player will be granted an extra coin.

What you will in Geometry Dash update 2.0

1. User coin
2. A secret vault
3. Many of new editor features
4. Friending
5. Following and messaging on user account system
6. 4 new colors
7. 14 new cubes
8. 9 ships
9. 10 new balls
10. 10 new UFOs
11. 11 new waves
12. A new robtop form with 6 patterns
13. Two new trails

Vault of Secret for Geometry Dash World

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